Ironman vs. Gladiator: The Ultimate Chess Battle of Legends!

How the Book Came About by David Yomtobian

The Ironman vs Gladiator book came about after Asas wife, Virginia, made a great suggestion to hold a Blitz Match at the Marshall Chess club. This was after several other blitz matches took place including Norowitz vs Mena where Norowitz won 8.5 to 1.5 and Norowitz vs Dlugy where Dlugy won 11.5 to 4.5 -- Dlugy went on to play Lenderman in a blitz superfinals match where the prize fund was $1000 and the match was held and Columbia University. 50 spectators showed up and Lenderman won the match best out of 20.

The next match was supposed to be Lenderman vs Kamsky and that never took place.

At this point Virginia suggested making matches between two famous players who have lived in NY for a long time.

We put up $300 for prize money and the match took place at the Marshall chess club. There was pizza and a videographer with 3 camcorders.

Bryan Quick was very helpful coordinating as the president of the club and was nice enough to let us use the club. 20 spectators showed up for the match including famous poker player and chess master Ylan Schwartz who came 3rd at the world series of poker one year winning millions.

After the match I got close to 40 emails requesting pgn files and vidoes.

I got the idea to raise some money and pay many well known players who hold both Jay and Asa in high regard to write a few lines about each game.

Several wealthy real estate companies donated a few $100 each and I was able to pay all the writers and editors. Many famous names like Kaidanov, Shankland, Christiansen, Dlugy, Rohde etc

After it was complete I shared it with the owner of the chess word and International Master Alex Ostrovskiy. They reviewed the games, edited all the small errors and turned it into what is now the book Ironman vs Gladiator.

I personally came up with the cover idea because Asa had a book called Chess Gladiator which I read and Jay has played 1000s if uscf rated and online games and been given the name Ironman in chess circles. Yury Markushin, who runs, paid an artist some $$ and after 20 revisions we agreed on this final cover.

The money raised from books sales will go to having more blitz matches in the future and supporting chess in general. 20% of all sales will be donated to the players down the middle.

Funding chess in general is not easy. Chess is art and most people who devote their life to chess are making substantial financial sacrifices for something that goes beyond money. Chess is a world of wonder and fantasy to be enjoyed and loved by players of all levels.

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